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Tempus Board Game - Martin Wallace 229,00 kr

At the dawn of time, Stone Age civilizations are scattered across the land, each one struggling for survival. However, the spark of civilization has been ignited and cannot be extinguished. Ideas and inventions are spreading like wildfire across the continent and your people are taking their first steps towards building a modern society. Lead your civilization through conflicts as they strive to master world-altering advancements such as writing, road building, seafaring and more, always working towards the final goal of flight.

In Tempus, every decision is challenging, as your culture clashes with your opponents' while time marches inexorably on. Building cities, expanding population and wars with other empires are ever-present challenges. Each era of history presents you with new innovations, which beg to be mastered.

Success in Tempus is defined by the player who can build the greatest civilization. If your civilization also manages to conquer the skies you will likely dominate the world, and win the game.

1 Game Board
12 Map Tiles
5 Sets of City Tiles, with 8 in each set
5 Sets of People Tokens, 16 per player
5 Sets of Action Tiles, 6 per player
5 Era Cubes, 1 per player
1 Deck of 50 Idea Cards
5 Player Aid Sheets, 1 per player
1 First Player Marker
1 Rule Book

Denna produkt inkom i vårt sortiment den Tuesday 12 March, 2013.
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T-shirt Star wars Rouge one medium
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